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“Is that All You’ve Got?”



Guyssss!!! This is it. I have been organized an event for all the Photo Lover here 🙂 🙂 🙂  This event will entitled “Is That All You’ve Got?”

In these event, Different Co-Photo lover’s photos will be uploaded. After the photos have been uploaded, he or she will be given at least 3 days to get some likes to the other Photo lovers here. After 3 days, photos of another Photo lover will be uploaded.

Same rules.3 Days to get likes then after that, photos of another Photo Lover will be upload until we get 10 participants. After the remaining days and time of the participants, we will closed the event. And after 1 day, result is ready.

For some questions regarding to this event, Kindly look for the other info’s in the Event Tab or just kindly post your questions in the Discussion so we/I could able to answers all your questions.




Thank you and God Bless




Event Update

Hi guys Good Eve. Here are some of the random entries of our participants in the event called “Is that All You’ve Got?”

In this photos, As of now, we still prohibited the participants to spread their photos in collecting the likes of the people. Submit now your all entries so we could be ready to start the Liking system of Our event. Thanks Guys and God Bless 🙂


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